30-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge


It is said that to form a new habit it takes 30 days; this time frame is short enough to be inspiring but long enough to be believable. Join Planted Life for 30 days as we empower you to make informed food choices and give you the tools and resources to live a more mindful and grounded life.

We will guide you to make a lifestyle diet transition with confidence and with every day we will help answer those questions that have stopped you in the past to adopt a more Planted Life; travelling, eating out, how to eat better, healthier, how to shop in an organic grocery store, how to save money, how to read labels and most importantly how to get all the nutrients you need al the while eating nothing but plant-based foods.

Sign up and let the journey begin.


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  • Regular emails
  • Recipe and menu ideas
  • Meal suggestions
  • Shopping lists
  • Key foods for your Planted Life
  • Plant-based pantry ideas
  • Tips for eating out
  • Plant-based nutrition guide
  • Helpful tips, tools & resources
  • Plant-based cheat sheet
  • Private Facebook group
  • Plus much, much more…..

To read more about the 30-Day Challenge click here.


As a Plant-Based Food Coach and Nutrition Advisor, I will provide basic dietary and nutrition advice. Should you need specific dietary and health advice for health conditions, dietary deficiencies, allergies or illness I recommend you consult an Accredited Practising Dietitian who can further assess your health.


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